Saturday, December 22, 2012

B.H.A.G. vs. M.G.

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Most people do a poor job of setting goals. Even more struggle to follow-up on them. 2013 can only be your game changer if you do two things well:
1. Set clear, measurable goals and pursue them relentlessly to completion. (I teach this and it is in my book, The Company Culture Challenge - Goals That Work).
These are goals that you achieve in 2013. For instance, you want to increase revenue to $10 million. You do NOT set the goal at $10M and then be satisfied with $9.5M. Set your 2013 Goals That Work at realistic stretch numbers.
2. You need a B.H.A.G. or M.G. Jim Collins coined the term, B.H.A.G. for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. This is the ultimate stretch goal that you rally your people around.
Last Friday we had an all-day Leadership Team meeting. I laid out an M.G. for our company that would grow our revenue 2.5X, but our recurring revenue 20X in 2013. I believe we will achieve the goal... by the grace of God.
I have observed a B.H.A.G. can be an ego trip for many people, no matter what their spiritual journey may be. I am not thrilled with the acronym, but during our meeting I suggested to my team that our goal is an M.G. - Miracle Goal. It will only happen with God's blessing.
I encourage you to set a B.H.A.G. or M.G. with your team. (And send me your idea for a better name than Miracle Goal if you have one...). Rally your team. Ride the river rapids of your business through 2013 to incredible success. YOU CAN DO IT.
P.S. Have a blessed Christmas! Laugh so hard that you cry. Dance like no one's looking. Be deeply thankful for the gift of each moment and relationships. I appreciate you and sincerely hope 2013 is your best year so far in your life's journey.
You Are An Intentional Leader.
I encourage you to set your goals as a team for your company. Group input is valuable, even if you are developing through email. However, the B.H.A.G. or M.G. comes from a visionary - it might be you, or a member of your team.
Do not let your ego stop a member of your team from defining a great Big Hairy Audacious Goal or Miracle Goal.
Here is one approach to developing 2013 goals that will rock your world in positive ways:
1. Follow the Goals That Work process to define your company objectives and cascade key goals throughout your organization.
2. Do a B.H.A.G. or M.G. What would you have to achieve to make your company financially secure, employees on fire for what you do, and/or provide an incredible client experience?
What is your inspiration that everyone can share?
("I will be rich" is not inspiring to others or sustainable...)
What can you define and then provide an atmosphere for your people to motivate themselves to achieve it?
("They should be happy to have a job" is not motivational...)
What will you do on a daily or weekly basis to pursue your Big Hairy Audacious Goal or Miracle Goal?
("I will work that out later" is a plan for failure, not success...)
How will you recognize progress in ways your people prefer?
("That's not important" or "Gift cards for anyone who does something I like" is a mistake...)
How will you celebrate victory?
("The way I like to celebrate" will end your success early...)
Contact us if you need help. There is too much on the line to pursue a B.H.A.G. or M.G. haphazardly. Our experience and ability to provide additional ideas and accountability can provide the additional lift you need to succeed.

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