Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily LEADERSHIP Tip / Accountability Culture #4

Day 42
Systematic Power is Step #4 of an Accountability Culture, if I am limited to only five aspects.  

You will NEVER achieve your strongest possible company culture unless you are as systematic with your employees as you are with technology, accounting, development, manufacturing, client delivery, sales...  

1.  This means a system for hiring great people.  (My Hire The Best & Avoid The Rest hiring system has 10 steps.)

2.  You need a system for managing people day-by-day, weekly, monthly... through the year.  What does that look like?

3.  And what about a system for professional development?  Do you know what certifications your people have, what additional certifications are needed prior to year-end, and what your people want to learn?  We track this in CERTLE along with our vendor programs.

4.  Last, but definitely not least, what is your system for retaining top employees and continuing to motivate them to perform at a high level?

We teach all four of these systems and more in our LEADERSHIP Essentials Service and Academy.

Let me know if you need help.

Be a Systematic Leader - because inconsistency hurts

Thank you.

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